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I am a sophomore at Drake University, studying Multimedia Journalism and Environmental Science. This website is my portfolio, as well as a mini-blog, showing what I’m working on and what I feel passionate about that I can’t quite pursue in my professional life. There are also links to my articles and stories plus you can review my resume and work experiences. I’d like to think of this as a peek into my creative portal: My thoughts on music and various ramblings.

Meghan Holloran at the Sprout Garden


A collection of my most recent articles, my favorite clips, and other pieces I’ve enjoyed working on.


I have experience shooting sports, nature, and landscape. My favorite is nature photography.


View my resume and see if my work experience aligns with your company’s values and needs.

Recent Blog Posts

A record player
Albums I’d buy on vinyl if I had a record player

Note: I’ve only written about the first three albums. This post will be continually updated. G…

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Natalie Merchant. "Keep Your Courage Album."
Natalie Merchant’s “Keep Your Courage” gives me courage through tragedy

A review If it was not already abundantly clear, Natalie Merchant holds a special place in my heart.…

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Plastic Bag Tip
Tips for living a more sustainable life (some you might already do)!

My name is Meghan Holloran, and sustainability is my game. I’m being for real. My minor is sus…

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Nothing But Thieves guitarist Dom Craik
British rock band Nothing But Thieves announce new album, world tour

On March 15, Nothing But Thieves announced via their newsletter their new single and album title tra…

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